Auction grading system

Authorized auctions in Japan use their own auction grade system and it is depend on their inspectors who belong to each auction house.You may confuse between those different auction's grade ,however,they will give you estimate condition of a car through what they said on their auction sheet even it is not perfect judging.

Model's year on a auction sheet does not mean manufacture year.
It is registration year on the Japanese road.

Grade Mileage/KM Interior grade Condition of Exterior & Interior Other
S Under 10,000km A Almost brand new condition.
No scratch & dimple nor repair.
Within 1 year after registered on the road.

Under 30,000km

A Almost brand new condition.
No scratch & dimple nor repair.
Mechanical condition & Suspension must be in good condition.
Within 3 year after registered on the road.
5 Under 50,000km A Mint condition
There may be invisible scratch or dimple on body.
No need cosmetic working on in & exterior.
Mechanical condition & Suspension must be in good condition.
4.5 Under 100,000km
Above B Excellent condition.
It will be grade 5 after minor cosmetic working.
4 Under
Above C Very good/Good condition.
There is visible scratch,dent,rust on body and burn or rip on interior panel/seat.
There may be need reconditioning or cosmetic working.
3.5   Above D Decent/Fair condition.
There are some parts need panel beat or repair on body.
There are some cigar burn or rip on a seat.
3   E OK condition.
Total reconditioning,replacing parts or renewal seat will be required.
2 Very poor condition.Lemon condition.
1 or 0 Water damaged vehicle,Extinguisher history(It means theft history),Heavy modified etc.
RA Minor repair history with good repair or reconditioning.
R or *A Repair history,accident history.*JAA Tokyo use "A" instead of "R".
*** Damaged as is condition,Recycle condition or suitable for parts only.Under no return,no claim dealing only.
X Very old car,replica vehicle etc.

Interior grading system

Grade Condition
A Almost brand new condition.
Or there are a few very minor worn which is invisible rip or cigar burn.

Generally,it is quite clean condition,however,it may be required minor cosmetics.
There are few rip,cigar burn,worn,scratch or screw hole.
Wavy dash board due to sun heat etc.

C Decent/Fair condition as is its age.Required reconditioning or replace a parts.Slightly dirty but acceptable.
Worn seat or steering wheel due to its age.Rip on a seat.
Visible screw hole,wavy dashboard or console box.
D Poor condition.
Many cigar burns or big rip on a sheet.
Dashboard has worn seriously.
Serious stain on seat or interior.
E Poor condition which need require total reconditioning.
Serious crack,rip or repair history on a dashboard or a seat.
Stinky& dirty.

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