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What cost for auction,documentation and shipping

Fee - - Costs for a passenger vehicles at USS Tokyo and shipping by Roll on/off boat.

50,000 jpy -- Agent fee.*1

9,000 jpy -- Auction successful bid fee.(JDM passenger vehicles at USS Tokyo auction)*2

11,000 jpy -- Domestic inland transportation from USS Tokyo auction house to the custom yard/port.*3

23,000 jpy -- Documentation & Custom clearance.*4

3,000 jpy -- Document delivery by EMS or UPS express.*5

500 jpy/Day -- Storage at Port. (Free two weeks storage)

Freight/Shipping cost is depend on destination .We will let you know latest freight or container shipping cost.
We arrange marine insurance at actual cost.It is minimum 5,000 jpy.

*1 Agent fee will be 7 % of the last bid price in case of successful bid price was more than 1 million jpy at auction.
*2 Successful bid fee is depend on vehicle category and auction.-- Price list
*3 Inland transportation is depend on vehicle size,its condition and auction.-- Price list
*4 Custom clearance fee is depend on vehicle's size-M3-cubic meter .
*5 Document delivery cost is depend on the weight and destination.

We post service history,manual book or spare key with documents if they are belong to the car.

Our fee include ; Inspection a car physically at USS Tokyo auction, ,de-registration,show you some pictures ,shipping arrangement,B/L issue and so on.

Additional Fee

Inland transport fee

*Please contact us for the price for SUV/High roof,truck ,lowered car and a car in no running condition.
1).200% of the cost mention below for no running condition car in rolling condition with 4 wheels.
2).160% of the cost mention below for SUV/High roof vehicle.
3).290% of the cost mention below for truck.

Inland transport price
Day Auction site Inland transport to Port or vanning yard
(Standard sedan)
Tuesday CAA Tokyo 10,500 jpy
JU Saitama 13,000 jpy
USS Yokohama 13,500 jpy
CAA Gifu 31,500 jpy
Wednesday JAA Tokyo 13,000 jpy
BCN 13,500 jpy
CAA Chubu 30,000 jpy
USS Kobe 35,000 jpy
Thursday USS Tokyo 11,000 jpy
JU Aichi 30,000 jpy
LAA Kansai 35,000 jpy
TAA Kanto
(Toyota auto auction)
13,000 jpy
Zip Osaka 35,000 jpy
Friday Arai Bayside 13,000 jpy
USS Nagoya 30,000 jpy
USS Osaka 34,000 jpy
JAA Tsukuba 15,000 jpy
Saturday USS Ryuutsu 11,000 jpy
USS Gunma 17,000 jpy
USS Shizuoka 21,000 jpy
HAA Kobe 35,000 jpy
JU Gifu 31,500 jpy

Price in Japanese Yen.


We offer 50,000 jpy for your 10th purchase from us.

Bank account

We will inform our bank account on the process

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
We will reply to you ASAP.

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