Inland transport fee

*Please ask us for the price of SUV/High roof,truck ,lowered car and a car in no running condition with 4 wheels.

Day Auction site Inland transport to Port or vanning yard
(Standard sedan)
Monday Auc net Depend on the site.
Tuesday CAA Tokyo/Chiba pre. 10,500 jpy
JU Saitama/Saitama pre. 13,000 jpy
USS Yokohama/Kanagawa pre. 13,500 jpy
CAA Gifu/Gifu pre. 31,500 jpy
Wednesday JAA Tokyo/Tokyo 13,000 jpy
BCN/Saitama pre. 13,500 jpy
CAA Chubu/Aichi pre. 30,000 jpy
USS Kobe/Hyogo pre. 35,000 jpy
Thursday USS Tokyo/Chiba pre. 11,000 jpy
JU Aichi 30,000 jpy
LAA Kansai/Hyogo pre. 35,000 jpy
Zip Osaka/Osaka pre. 35,000 jpy
Friday Arai Bayside/Kanagawa pre. 13,000 jpy
USS Nagoya/Aichi pre. 30,000 jpy
USS Osaka/Osaka pre. 34,000 jpy
JAA Tsukuba/Ibaraki pre. 15,000 jpy
LAA Okayama/Okayama pre. 38,000 jpy
Saturday USS Ryuutsu/Chiba pre. 11,000 jpy
USS Shizuoka/Shizuoka pre. 21,000 jpy
USS Gunma/Gunma pre. 17,000 jpy
HAA Kobe/Hyogo pre. 35,000 jpy
JU Gifu/Gifu pre. 31,500 jpy

Price in Japanese Yen

**We transport a car in recycle condition in Tokyo area only.
It must be remained 4 wheels and can be rolling straight

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