Auction sheet

USS auction sheet

Glossary on the auction sheet.

Car Equipment
AC Air conditioning
AAC Automatic air conditioning
WAC Dual air conditioning
SR Sun roof
AW Alloy wheels(Stock/Genuin alloy wheels)
PS Power steering
PW Power/Electric windows
LS Leather seat
TV TV (Working in Japan only due to Japanes NTSC system)
Navi Navigation system( Working in Japan only)
SRS Air bag/Supplementary restraint system
CD CD player
MD MD player
S.History Service history
ABS Antilock Brake System /Anti-skid braking
CA Column automatic transmission
FA Floor automatic transmission
MT 5/F5 (Floor) Manual transmission 5 speed
MT6/F6 (Floor) Manual transmission 6 speed
* mark on the KM Unknown mileage due to after market odmeter or rewounding odometer
$ mark on the KM Odometer has been changed at dealer with service history record.
? mark on the KM Unknown mileage
# mark on the KM No record of actual mileage.

Inspection marks on the auction sheet

Mark Condition
Scratch A1 Scratch about 5 to 10 cm.
A2 Scratch about 10 to 20 cm.
A3 Scratch more than mention above.
Dimple E One or two dimples.
Dent U1 Dent about 5 cm.
U2 Dent about 15 to 20 cm.
U3 Sent more than mention above.
Wavy panel
Panel beat
W1 Repair in good condition
W2 Repair in ok or decent condition
W3 Repair in bad condition.Wavy panel.
P Paint fade,stain or paint bald.
Crack/Rip Y Crack or rip on a bumper.
Rust S Rust
Corrosion C1 Corrosion 5 to 10 cm.
C2 Corrosion more than 10 cm.
Replaced parts XX The parts has been replaced.
Scratch A1 Scratch area about 10 to 20 cm
A2 Scratch area about 20 to 30 cm or 1/3 of the bumper.
A3 Scratch area more than mention above.
Dent or U1 Dent about 5 cm or minor slippage between body.
slipped off U2 Dent about 10 cm or slippage between body
U3 Big dent or big slippage.
W1 Repair in good condition
W2 Repair in ok or decent condition
W3 Repair in bad condition.Wavy panel.

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